you don’t seem to be II.

My giant mask is one of the symbols of the learning process about myself. The mask consists of four individually contiguous surfaces, like close-ups of my eyes, nose and mouth printed on thick photopaper, distorted by the structure I invented. I weaved the senses with close-ups of my facial skin together, creating a grotesque, rough, naive face mask. The senses are flexible by the structure, allowing the mask to display different facial expressions, and although it is built from the elements of my own face, it is not me, and yet it is. Falling into pixels. A mask that doesn’t hide but reveals what’s going on below the surface when I’m attacked by anxiety. 

2021, one of a kind artwork, handmanipulated and handwoven photographs, cartoon 35th OMDK (Hungarian National Art Students’ Associations Conference), Craft category, 1st place