I am a female visual artist living in Hungary. 

In my art I expand, cross and deconstruct genre and media boundaries with a sense of experimentation. I use a wide range of analog and digital techniques with a huge amount of freedom, from archaic photography techniques to digital image modification procedures. In addition, I like using manual techniques also, from sewing, cutting, folding to weaving, with which my works cross the border between photography and fine art and acquire a spatial dimension.

My artistic journey has been both unconventional and deeply personal, I define it as a coping strategy. My works are inspired by my own history, my feelings, they are self-portraits, internal monologues in various forms and techniques. I studied Textile design MA in Budapest, and even my award-winner diploma project pointed into the direction of experimental photography. Since then I have won several awards and recognitions in the field of photography, and recently I became one of the selected finalists of the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2024.

The primary medium of my art is consciously photography, as perhaps nothing is as close to depicting reality as photography. But that's not enough for me. On the one hand, although I want to show reality, more precisely, the reality of myself, but not quite the way traditional photography does. On the other hand, the methods of traditional photography strongly trigger my compulsions, while in experimental photography I find reassurance.




S/ALON Interior Design Fair, Hello Hungarian Design - Budapest Aréna, Budapest, HU

SOL LDN (londoner Huxley-Parlour Gallery’s online exhibition project) - online exhibition and fair  

Wild wild life - Budapest Photo Festival, Vízivárosi Gallery, Budapest, HU


7th Godot Art Fair - GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest, HU   

​FISE40 - B32 Gallery, Budapest, HU

360 Design Budapest - Emerging Talents 2022 award, Bálna, Budapest, HU

Fashion for Bank Robbers, MaximiliansForum, München, DE

Passepartout Photo Prize - 28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, Rome, IT

​5th Rug Art Fest - SZETT members' rug design exhibition, MaxCity, Törökbálint, HU

​S/ALON Interior Design Fair - Budapest Aréna, Budapest, HU

EXPERIMENT - Experimental photography in contemporary Hungarian photography, Budapest Photo Festival, Kiscelli Museum, Budapest, HU

INTRO - Budapest Photo Festival, Dokubrom Gallery, Budapest, HU


Mushroom style (bio design exhibition and symposium) - Budapest Design Week 2021,  Budapest Metropolitan University, Budapest, HU   

​6th Godot Art Fair - GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest, HU

​Infernal sins - Dante’s inferno - Kispont Gallery, Budapest, HU

​“Dreaming in my garden” Rug design exhibition - FUGA, Budapest, HU

​Budapest International Foto Awards - House of Lucie, Budapest, HU

35th OTDK-OMDK (National Art Students’ Associations Conference) - online exhibition

​Intervened Photography Month - Experimental Photo Festival, online exhibition

​Fresh FIShEs XIII. - Fise Gallery, Budapest, HU


Lab_b103 - Textile MA diploma exhibition, Fise Gallery, Budapest, HU 

​The  Self(ie) and the other: Portraiture - PH21 Gallery, Budapest, HU



Lensculture Art Photography Awards 2024 - Finalist


Analogue Sparks - Bronze place in Fine Art/Experimental category

Analogue NOW - Berlin- Revelation open call


Emerging Talents 2022 - Exhibition possibility on the exhibition 360 Design Budapest

Passpartout Photo Prize - Exhibition Prize


IPA (International Photography Awards) 2021 - Honorable mention with 3 series

​Passepartout Photo Prize 3rd, Rome - Honorable mention

​PX3 Photo 2021 - Gold, silver, bronze places

​VIEPA 2021 (Vienna International Photo Award) - Honorable mention

IPA One shot / our times Pandemic perspectives - Honorable mention

35th OTDK-OMDK (National Art Students’ Associations Conference) - CRAFT category, 1st place

​SZETT-RUGART / “Dreaming in my garden” - Rug design award, 1st place

7th FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) - Photo manipulation category, 3rd place


Budapest International Foto Awards - Best new talent

Diploma-award, Budapest Metropolitan University


2023-2024 Budapest Art Mentor, Fine Art mentor program

2018–2020 Budapest Metropolitan University, Textile designer MA

2015-2017 Budapest Fashion School, vocational training (OKJ), Fashion designer

2009 Szellemkép, Photography course

2000–2004  Budapest Business School -  Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism - Department of Hospitality - Economist BA