you don’t seem to be

In my project I made a mask that does not hide but reveals what is going on below the surface. My mask shows how I fall apart on pixels when anxiety attacks me. The negative gaps visible on the surface symbolize that the traumas and anxiety situations experienced during our lives do not go away completely without a trace, our previous state never returns, we never recover fully. The mask is made of kombucha leather, which is a bacterial cellulose, a leathery, translucent, culturable and living material. I was part of the process, I created the medium for its development, like for my own anxieties. With the mask I show my face’s different distortion stations as a symbol of the mental processes that take place. From the almost skin-like flat surface I get to the dehydrated, unrecognizably distorted state formed by the structure. However, this state is not permanent, the material is able to be skin-like again, to “breathe”, as I am able to regain my perception also.

2020, one of a kind artwork, bacterial cellulose, photo emulsion

Budapest Metropolitan University, Textile MA diploma project 

Diploma-award 2020, Budapest Metropolitan University

Consultant: Hajnal Baráth, dla

Opponent: Ágnes Eperjesi